Treasure Village Project




A beach community dedicated to caring for our seniors with the highest standards of quality and safety, a community for our brave older adults live calmly relaxed with the opportunity to live with people from different countries of the same ages, personalized activities for each one, care 24 hours a day 365 days a year, swimming pool, spa, restaurant, cafeteria, library, computer, terrace, gym, medical center, pharmacy, shopping center and more.

Our objetive

Assisted Living, Care and Company

Treasure Village, our goal is to offer an ideal balance between opportunities and support for residents to live each day to the fullest. Our programs are carefully designed to reflect what older people want (and what experts say they need) to stay happy, healthy and socially active.

Each of our beautiful facilities will be built with specifically on the needs of the residents. common spaces They will be the ideal place to socialize with friends. Similarly, residents they can choose from a variety of apartments, one or two bedrooms as your private space.

Whatever the resident’s lifestyle, be it independent, in need care in the activities of daily living or care for Alzheimer’s and other types of diseases, we will offer a wide range of innovative programs to benefit the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Programs For All Lifestyles

Care and company

When residents need help with activities of daily living and to take your medications, Treasure Village makes it easy to support a registered nurse 24 hours a day to administer them, inform the doctor about the health status of our residents and attend to any clinical event. To achieve the personalized attention that each resident requires, we will collaborate with the families and personal physicians of residents in order to develop a life plan that respects their needs, capacities and the wealth of experience that can only be acquired with the years.

Alzheimer’s Care

At Treasure Village we will have an Alzheimer’s Care program, intended for the greatest benefit of residents with memory loss. Led by a gerontologist, this personalized care program allows us will help you get to know each resident fully through an assessment of your needs and your life story, which we will take as a basis for developing an individualized wellness program that comprises carefully planned activities that respect the capabilities of each resident.

Our residents with memory impairment live in a separate area, protected and secured within a community within our facilities, and they always have the support of personnel who have been specifically selected and trained in Alzheimer’s care.

They will also have their own common areas with security measures that allow them to enjoy a more comfortable life.


Hundreds of families and residents will be delighted to discover that always
there is something to do in Treasure Village, from social events, art classes,
to conferences and excursions.

Residents will delight in the different food options that will be
available daily on the menu, prepared by a chef in our
Straton restaurant, which will feature one of the leading food programs
in United States.

We will also have an exclusive gym with special equipment for
older people, who train under the supervision of a physical therapist

We will have a very complete library as well as a team of
computing, where residents will be able to send emails to relatives and
friends, as well as surfing the Internet on high-speed equipment, adapted
especially for the hands and eyes of the elderly. What’s more,
we will have a person in charge of organizing the transfers of the residents who
wish to go shopping, to social events or to the doctor accompanied by the driver
of Treasure Village.

In our facilities we have all the comforts that our adults seniors deserve.

Straton Restaurant
Our exclusive restaurant will offer delicious and nutritious meals prepared by a Chef, with many daily options and a friendly and well trained to serve them.

Baula Cafeteria
The best place to meet friends, read your newspaper or enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack.

Salón de Belleza
Consentiremos con los servicios de corte de cabello, manicure, pedicura y tratamientos faciales para hombres y mujeres, todo dentro de la comunidad

Communities Designed for Classy Living

Every detail of our communities, from their location on the beach, to the selection of the colors and fabrics of our furniture, is carefully thought out and specifically to please our future residents. Our livingroom main hall, the lively atmosphere of the Báula and our comfortable living rooms They will be the perfect setting for any meeting or social activity. Inside and outside, Treasure Village is a community to enjoy life. And to be able to do it we have:

 Main Hall
 Stratton Restaurant
 Cafeteria Baula
 Terrace
 Dyl Computing and Library
 Beauty salon
 Nik Cinema
 H&F Gym
 Reflection Center
 Medical Center
 Gardens
 Activity rooms
 Nursing
 And everything you may need to live with love of home and care of experts.

Main room This elegantly decorated room is the perfect host to receive the visit.

from family and friends

Dyl Computer and Library To enjoy your reading, a moment of silence or even a game of bridge.

Enjoy the outdoors in beautiful spaces for relaxation and friend visits

Resident Services At Treasure Village, our job will be to provide our residents with the support they need to continue to live fully and independently. In All our communities will have a Medical Director, who will coordinate and maintain Treasure Village’s high quality standards, which they will be:

Doctor And Registered Nurses 24 Hours

Have doctors and registered nurses who work exclusively for Treasure Village will allow us to offer diabetes care as well as support for care for other chronic illnesses, a level of care that is not always It is available on Assisted Living. Our nurses will administer insulin and other medications, will carry out regular check-ups, they will inform the doctors of the state of health of our residents and will give attention to the clinical needs that arise.

Knowing all this, residents will be able to enjoy their independence with the confidence that there will always be a doctor and a nurse available when needed and families have peace of mind that your loved ones are supported by professional staff and capable.

The Oakmonts: Your Personal Caregivers

Our caregivers at Treasure Village, the Oakmonts, are highly prepared to actively help residents to carry out their activities of daily life.

In addition, they will receive specialized training to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of diabetes and help best for residents.

They will be under the direct supervision of our staff nursing and will be the primary caregivers, who will always offer our residents a loving, respectful and timely daily assistance in their toilet, dress, guide and much more.

Staff Selection And Training

All personnel will be exclusively employed by Treasure Village and will submit to a careful selection process. Every  time an employee joins the equipment, you will receive a minimum of 40 hours of specialized training from Oakmonts, through our exclusive  program, which will encourage empathy by aging, while covering job skills, safety, hospitality, communication and personal and business values.

Staff who will work with residents with Alzheimer’s receive a additional specialized training. All employees will receive continuing education at the Treasure Library Village.

Experience the difference at Treasure Village
 Doctor 24 hours a day
 Registered nurses 24 hours a day
 Medication administration by nurses Insulin administration and diabetes care
 Personalized life plans for each resident
 Daily health checks
 Help with activities of daily living
 Incontinence support
 Highly trained and specialized staff
 Fitness and wellness programs supervised by professionals
 Therapy services available within the community
 Scheduled transportation for medical appointments
 Development programs and social activities
 Cleaning and laundry service
 Beauty Service

Individualized life plan
A personalized support and care plan for eachresident.

Staff training
Professional and respectful care is the basis.

Registered nurses 24 hours a day Well-trained staff and registered nurses means peace of mind for patients residents and their families.

Highly trained caregivers to offer all the help that residents they need.

In Treasure Village the fun will be serious business. The activities for residents will be developed and directed by a gerontologist to ensure that be healthy, fun and useful. Treasure Village’s philosophy is to have a wide range of special activities for each group of residents: life independent, care and companionship, and memory loss.

The Mind Works Too: Treasure Village H&F Gym Recent studies indicate that the combination of activities for the mind, body and spirit contributes to a healthy brain and to maintaining well-being general. That’s why at Treasure Village our programs are based on university research, devised to keep the brain in good condition and physical well-being of our long-term residents.

Computer Classes
Stay in touch with your loved ones and learn new skills technological.

Art classes
Develop a new talent or rediscover a forgotten passion.

Physical conditioning to stay fit
Enjoy working out in our gym.

Residential Options

Variety is the spice of life Treasure Village will offer a variety of residences: studios or one and two bedroom apartments, which adapt to all needs

two in company An alternative that will allow you to enjoy the same services and amenities in a residence for two people.

The departments will be designed to suit different types and furniture distributions in pursuit of personal comfort.


To cook something rich and light Kitchen included to prepare snacks and light meals.

Help the community: Volunteer

Share your time and creativity! Volunteer and help the community through resident-planned assistance projects.

Residency Options

Treasure Village residents can choose to live in a studio or a one or two bedroom apartment.  Although most residents can bring their own furniture, Treasure Village will be able to support them with the furnished if necessary. All Assisted Living departments They will have a kitchen, cupboards, refrigerator and microwave oven. The Assisted Living departments will have a private bathroom with a easy access shower, wide spaces and closets. All bathrooms will have a 24 hour night light and security bars. All apartments have heating, ventilation and air conditioning controlled by the resident himself; they also have a television service cable and windows with shutters. All doors and faucets will be lever for ease of use. the shots electrics will be installed high and the dampers will be low for a easy access. All departments will have two emergency cordons and They are fully accessible to people with different abilities. The monthly occupancy fee includes a daily cleaning service. We will have a laundry in the building for weekly washing of personal clothes and whites for residents at no extra charge.

About Treasure Village

Treasure Village, is a private company, created by the NDHF Consortium,  project developer and operator of residences for the elderly called Treasure Village, with offices in Costa Rica. Treasure Village will offer the residence service and help with activities of daily living (Assisted Living) and care for the elderly with memory loss, Alzheimer (Memory Care) and other types of diseases.

At Treasure Village we aspire to be the best and we will achieve recognition of industry leadership. We distinguish ourselves by our architecture, our high quality standards and for the safety and beauty of our communities. The excellence of our staff and the satisfaction of our

We will base our success on the simple and unalterable philosophy that growing old is a privilege. The accumulation of knowledge and experience that comes with age are a true privilege for the individual, the family and society. Our communities will be designed to nurture this privilege, offering each of our residents an exceptional environment of support and comfort, which helps them maintain their independence for as long as possible possible, through innovative programs to maintain your health and well-being in body, mind and spirit. In short, Treasure Village is a community designed to enjoy life.

Our mission

Treasure Village will be the nation’s leading developer and operator of residences that offer care for the elderly. Our communities will offer the best facilities and services of excellence with an added value of unique distinction. Our locations, buildings and systems will be designed to improve and respect the environment in a warm and respectful environment so that every member of our community-residents, family members, employees and investors – can learn, share, grow, have fun and to flourish.

Our values

            Personal Development
            Respect
            Dignity
            Integrity
            Confidence
            Empathy
            Teamwork

            Resident comes first
            Always be innovative
            Get results
            Offer a first class service in everything we do
            Helping the elderly to enjoy life

The Community of Your Preference

Why Treasure Village will become the community of choice We know that at some point in our lives we will all need a beautiful and quiet place, a place that has safe facilities, attractive and balance between attention and independence, but we realized that that ideal community does not exist.

As an entrepreneur, Ing. Franklin, quickly realized that he could create it, so who took on the task of bringing together a team of professionals to create the community of your dreams.

University research, experts in the areas of gerontology, nutrition, hospitality and specialized activities for seniors laid the groundwork for this project. The extraordinary fruit of these efforts is Treasure Village, a one-of- -kind community.

Today, the Treasure Village community begins to flourish in the best tourist area of Costa Rica.

With its privileged location near the sea, with medical and commercial centers within the community, the Treasure Village buildings will have a distinctive architecture and high standards of life safety.

Our programs will earn the trust of residents and their families as well as the respect of professionals. Our doctors, registered nurses and staff highly trained and dedicated will be the key to the success of each of our communities. Our innovative programs such as memory care and enrichment for the mind, body and spirit, will make us maintain the industry leadership.

Throughout its growth, Treasure Village will be distinguished by its reputation unmatched quality, thus fulfilling the promise of its original mission: become the community of choice, a place where both residents how their families, like employees, can learn, grow and live good.

Innovation At Treasure Village

Research and innovation play a key role in the development of programs for residents of Treasure Village. in the business plan original, Treasure Village conducted extensive research in the areas of care for the elderly, memory care, architecture, hospitality and nutrition. The preferences of older people and their families were an important part of this research in order to plan carefully every aspect of the Treasure Village communities, always keeping our residents in mind.

Treasure Village Partners

Treasure Village is proud to serve as the designated provider of the service of Assisted Living for Care Plans for Retired Players, Military, Marines and Seniors from all countries. Our company will support many educational and non-profit research each year by awarding financial donations and human resources, as well as through access to our communities for research and events. Treasure Village will maintain a commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.

Adults, let's take care of your health

Between 1990 and 2017, the number of people aged 60 and over increased from 6.4 to 10.5 percent of the national total and it is expected that in 2050, this segment increase by 45.4 percent, of these, about 20% will suffer some type of Alzheimer’s.

While this panorama poses important challenges for society and health systems, the phenomenon of population aging provides important opportunities in the economic and labor field.

According to our studies, the Assisted Living industry creates a complex range of opportunities and challenges including healthcare, lifestyle choices, healthy aging and support of long-term care, among others.

The professionalization of the workforce and the specialization of personnel disorder to care for the elderly emerges as a factor important within this gear.

The business of residences that want to give you a luxurious old age.

Treasure Village is redefining nursing homes in Costa Rica with luxury residences.

For years, nursing homes have carried a bad reputation. The so-called ‘asylums’ are related to poor geriatric care, neglect and poor quality of life for the elderly. But the concept now is changing with the commitment of the NDHF Consortium and its real estate project retirement assistance with luxury services, Treasure Village.

According to official estimates, as of 2020 there will be more than 1 million of people over 60 years of age in Costa Rica, and in 2050 they will exceed the number of children in the country. Forecasts have warned of the potential of this market, to which Treasure Village is headed.

With an investment of 500 million colones, this year the first center of care for older adults of the NDHF Treasure Village Consortium in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Treasure Village has Marketing and Sales staff Bilingual, the facilities will have 120 lodging departments, Restaurant, Gym, Swimming pool, Cafeteria, Terrace, Event room, Cinema, Library, Computer Room, Beauty Salon, Pharmacy, Medical Center, Center Therapies, Gardens, Shopping Center and much more.


As we age, the body requires fewer calories and more protein. calcium, vitamins and other nutrients. “Without a doubt, adequate nutrition is a key factor for well- eing and can help maintain the level of function longer and, more effectively, when combined with physical and mental activity and social interaction. Seek their well-being and help them to stay updated, taking advantage of the advances and innovations of life modern, will help them improve their quality of life, so that they are, once again, example for future generations.

Treasure Village is a company specialized in retirement residences, it will be the first community established in Costa Rica and whose opening is scheduled for the end of 2019. It will have a medical team and registered nurses and permanent security 24 hours a day, seven days a week of the week, management and administration of medications, gym equipped especially for the elderly, beauty salon, garden and terraces, transport, cycles of conferences, classes and excursions, as well as programs of rehabilitation and therapy, among other services.

Most people recognize the importance of a good diet along with a physical routine to maintain a healthy body, but few they know that the mind also needs to exercise. Experts consider that the changes in the brain can start as early as two decades before symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear, but recent Research indicates that there is a way to help the brain build new neural connections continuously.

Carrying out a regular routine to maintain a “fit” brain is more important than you think. Just as you train to gain muscle mass or force, it is necessary to keep the mind active, especially while we enter into years, in order to build a cognitive reserve that helps our brain to avoid memory leak problems.

Here are some tips to keep your brain and body healthy:

1. Get Nourished – What’s good for your heart is good for your brain. Diet low in salt and saturated fat, with lots of fruit with peel intense colors (red, purple, orange) green leafy vegetables and grains whole grains, in addition to DHA Omega 3.
2. Exercise. Minimum 30 minutes each day, including some cardio and strength in training.
3. Challenge the mind – It’s never too late to learn. find ways to make the different areas of the brain connect and interact, for example:

o Critical thinking. You can read a controversial article and talk with someone about it, presenting both your points of view and debating.
o Use mind and body simultaneously. dancing is an activity perfect for it. You can also do activities that they need strategy and/or complex movements, how about the Tai Chi?
o Learn something new. Choose something you’ve always wanted learn, but for whatever reason, you never had the time to do it.
o Practice something you learned a long time ago. use skills and/or knowledge that has been stored in your memory for years.
o Organize ideas. You can interpret a poem or a proverb. Already whether in written or verbal form, this activity really makes the brain acts The more difficult the text, the better the exercise.
o Think analytically. It will be like going back to school, or at least do homework… Analyzing and solving problems of Math helps keep your mind sharp.

4. Stay socially active. Isolating yourself and being inactive can lead to depression, which contributes to the development of certain dementias.
5. Reduce stress. Chronic stress releases a host of hormones such as cortisol, which will eventually affect the brain areas that regulate memory and cognitive functions.
6. Sleep, sleep and sleep. Lack of sleep alters the natural regulation of cycles and restorative processes of the central nervous system.
7. Concentrate. Constant interruptions and changes of activity, interfere with short- and medium-term memory and the brains Mature adults have more difficulty switching between one task and another. Paying attention and concentrating is the best recommendation.
8. Be more spiritual. Of course this is different for each person. but in general terms, it means that your values ​​and beliefs They will help you better connect with the world. Whether taking action to benefit of the community, meditating or praying, attending to the side spiritual creates a sense of well-being and reduces stress.
9. Maintain your purpose in life. We all need a reason to start every morning. Feeling that life has a meaning and that one himself is in control of it, facilitates positive emotions and attitudes
and strengthens the brain.

But the best tip is Evaluate and adjust. Don’t get stuck in a rut, like physical exercise, mental work must be adjusted periodically so that remain effective and interesting. Although there is no cure for a disease like Alzheimer’s, taking care of the brain and paying attention to it is the best way to keep it healthy and stop its deterioration. It doesn’t matter if you’re older, or if there is already a slight memory impairment, it is possible to strengthen it by following these tips.

Tips for Choosing a Retirement Community

Choosing a retirement community is a very important decision, which must be taken in stride only after careful consideration research. The following tips will help you decide which community is the one that best suits your needs.


Is there a 24-hour doctor in the community?
Is there a registered nurse in the community 24 hours a day?
Is the staff trained? Does it receive continuous training?
How many caregivers are there per number of residents?
Are employment background checks and drug checks performed?

Food service

Do they offer three high-quality, nutritionally balanced meals a day, seven days a week?
Is there a menu with a variety of options for each meal?
Are there special diets if required?


Are there scheduled activities, physical activities, computer equipment, social events and excursions?
Is there a coordinator specifically for community activities?
Request an example of activity calendar.


Is transportation provided for activities, shopping, or going to the doctor?
Is it available seven days a week?
Does it have any cost?


All staff should greet you courteously and residents should feel comfortable and happy.
The community must be clean, without unpleasant odors.
Is it easy to navigate and does it have spaces adapted for wheelchairs and walkers?
Choose a place where you would like to live.

Medication and Care Management Service

Is a personalized plan developed for each resident?
Is there a nurse in the community 24 hours a day, in case of an emergency?
Do the staff administering medications to residents have experience

Contracts, Costs and Finances

Rent or buy?
Get to know the services included in the monthly fees.
Ask if there are additional charges for personal care.
Be familiar with the contracts, cancellation and refund policies you sign.


Make sure that the community has the proper local authorizations and to provide the care you need.

Alzheimer's And Memory Loss

The community has a specialized program for residents with memory loss?

Frequent questions

For more information, contact Treasure Village staff directly


What kind of services are offered?

Treasure Village offers programs to help with activities of daily living and memory care. Our programs are designed to allow residents to live as full and independent lives as possible, but balanced with the support that each resident needs.

Each resident is assigned a caregiver, who is extensively trained to help you perform activities of daily living, such as going to the bathroom, bathing, grooming, dressing and moving around the community There is the option of independent living in some communities.

This option is created especially for older people who want to have the comforts and social opportunities offered by Treasure Village, but does not require help to perform your daily activities.

However, if your needs change, residents can make a gradual and comfortable transition to the Assisted Living.

In addition to the initial evaluation, are routine health evaluations performed?

Yes. Each resident receives a personal Life Plan prior to moving in and routine health evaluations are then performed.

Is there a care service for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of memory loss?

Yes. The Treasure Village Personalized Care Program is a program individually tailored, based on university research that allows residents to exercise their minds and memories every day.

The Treasure Village gerontologist designs special exercises and activities that they are adapted to the capacities of each resident individually.

The residents live in a special protected area within the community of Treasure Village, where there are always staff specifically trained in 24/7 dementia care.

Do you offer programs to exercise the memory of people with impaired Mild Cognitive?

Yes, Treasure Village promotes confidence in social interactions by At the same time, it strengthens the residents’ self-esteem. Community will have an activities coordinator for each program and staff who will provide support throughout the week with activities interesting according to the individual capacities of the residents.

Does Treasure Village Provide Hospice Services?

Yes; however, the number of available departments destined for this type of care depends on the community. If there are no departments available, Treasure Village can provide you with a list of nearby institutions that provide this service.

My loved one is coming from another city and will need doctors, specialists and Other Services, Can You Help Us?

To make this transition easier, Treasure Village will provide new residents a list with everything they need: the nearest hospital, clinics, transportation services, palliative care, removals, pharmacies, notaries, medical equipment providers and more.

What If My Loved One Needs Skilled Nursing Services?

There are cases where residents may need rehabilitation at some specialized clinic. We will help residents and their families locate the closest specialized medical center to our community; this allows us to follow up on the cases of these residents and prepare for his return to Treasure Village.


How Will Treasure Village Staff Be Trained?

All of our administrative and operational staff will receive a minimum of 40 hours of training through our own Academy with a program that will be an industry leader.

The training will be specifically designed for foster understanding and empathy for the aging process, while time covering job skills, security, hospitality, communication, personal and business values.

This training includes 24 hours of practical learning accompanying an experienced employee. Staff who will work with residents of the Alzheimer’s area will receive additional specialized training. Besides that we will have a continuous training program.

Is There A Registered Nurse 24 Hours A Day?

Treasure Village is committed to the highest standards of safety, service and attention, so it will only have registered nurses 24 hours a day. hours of the day. To maintain these standards, Treasure employees Village are exclusive and will train with us. our nurses administer medications, perform routine checkups every day and will control the temporary stays with the supervision of our Doctors who will also be 24 hours in the community.

Are Personnel Screened Before Hiring?

Yes, criminal background checks will be conducted on all applicants, conduct drug tests, their academic background will be reviewed and competencies.


Are There Different Types Of Residences?

Each Treasure Village community has a variety of designs to meet the needs and preferences of residents. the residences

They can be studios or apartments with one or two bedrooms. For more information, please contact us.

Are the communities accessible to people in wheelchairs?

Of course! Our community will be built with all the facilities and amenities for residents who use wheelchairs, walkers and more.

Can Couples With Different Care Needs Live In The Same House?

Yes. An assessment will be done before a new resident moves into the community to determine which area meets their needs. Is evaluation allows us to determine if it is appropriate for couples with different needs live together.

Can My Loved One Invite Someone Over For A Sleepover?

Yes. You can ask our Public Relations staff for more details.

Are there rooms for guests?

Yes. The cost per night varies by location and includes three meals per day.
Contact us directly to find out more about availability. Pets Allowed?

Pets are allowed if the resident is able to care for them. The resident must provide Treasure Village staff with copies of proof of vaccination and that the pet is on a flea control program with our veterinarians. Contact us to find out the policy applicable to these cases.

Can Residents Move From A Treasure Village Apartment To A Other?

Yes. Your loved one can be moved to another department. The transition is easy from appraisal to move-in.

Costs, Contracts and Financial Support

How is the Department Occupancy Service Paid?

At Treasure Village, all residents pay an estimated monthly fee of according to the size of your department. This fee includes all meals, activities, periodic evaluations, supervision, daily cleaning of your residence, personal and bed linen washing, scheduled transportation, electricity, water, internet and basic cable TV. There is also a program complementary services according to care needs additions to some residents.

Is it required to pay any considerable amount in advance or Purchase?

Only a membership fee is required to secure home.

Is it required to sign a long-term contract?

No. Since there is a monthly fee for services, our Service Contract reflects the costs and specific needs, in addition to a cancellation clause 30 days in advance.

Are my Tax Expenses Deductible?

The costs of some services may have some tax advantage. see with a tax expert to see if you can benefit from these advantages.

What amenities are there for residents?

Every detail in Treasure Village is carefully thought out in pursuit of the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the residents. all departments They are spacious and comfortable with nearby meeting spaces to enjoy with family and friends; our Straton restaurant, where our chefs prepare fresh food  and snacks every day, the Dyl library with computer equipment with high-speed internet, email access, our specialized H&F gym for the elderly, the Nik cinema, our beauty salon, areas for social events, beautiful outdoor spaces outdoors and of course our beach.

What is the food service like? Are special diets served?

At Treasure Village, residents and their guests enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared daily by our chefs, who They only use the freshest ingredients. We offer different every day options on the menu, which are served in the style of the best restaurants for a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We also serve food for residents who They need special diets. In addition, private banquets can be organized with family and friends.

What will be some of the typical community events?

There will always be something to do in Treasure Village. From art classes to conferences, going through social events and excursions in our vehicles, our full-time activities director will maintain the always busy calendar with entertainment and celebrations of all kinds. We will encourage residents to choose activities according to their interests and Participate in as many events as you wish. Check with the coordinator Treasure Village Activities if you would like to see a sample calendar of activities.

Do you offer transportation service?

Treasure Village offers complimentary transportation to the doctor and outings scheduled, such as going to museums, shows or shopping. Depending of the particular case of the resident, we can adapt to their needs of transportation from a car to a bus.

Do Residents Have Access To Computers?

We will have computers with high speed internet access in the Dyl library, specially adapted for our residents, where they can send emails to their families, friends, learn things new chat, video calls and entertain yourself surfing the net. We have Qualified staff available to assist residents with the use of facilities. computers.

Are there cleaning and laundry services?

As part of the fee that our residents pay monthly, we we provide daily cleaning service to your apartment as well as laundry of personal clothing and whites weekly.

Can family members accompany their loved one on some of the Departures?

In most cases the answer to this question is yes, but to find out For sure, contact the Treasure Village Activities Coordinator.

What Physical Activities Are There For Residents?

Residents are encouraged to participate in fitness classes physical that are taught in the gym. Here they exercise in special equipment to older people, participate in activities designed according to their needs and capabilities, while being supervised by a professional physical therapist.

About Treasure Village

What Permits Does Treasure Village Have?

Treasure Village will have all applicable state and local permits at the place of operations. The authorities that will regulate us will carry out routine audits to review our operating conditions, attention to residents and security. Treasure Village will usually receive qualifications, supervision and annual inspections.

Is Belmont Village A Publicly Traded Company?

We are a private company that belongs to the NDHF Consortium

Type Apartment Plans

Here you will find some plans of our standard napartments and some photographs of some of them furnished. We offer a variety of options in each type of apartment, so plans may vary. You We ask that you please contact us directly for more information. about available apartments in Treasure Village.

Message from the founder and president of Treasure Village,

Franklin Gutiérrez M.

Welcome to Treasure Village!

I hope we can answer your questions while you take a such an important decision  as joining a community for people seniors, where you can find all the help you need to carry out your daily life activities.

Rest assured that Treasure Village will always offer services exceptional and first class attention, which will make us a leader in the industry.

A few years ago my family was looking for a home for my grandmother, but they never has liked the word asylum and much less the attention given to many seniors, I decided to come up with one with the quality and level of support that we need.

The experience has made me question how I could use my business skills to reverse this situation and at the same time cover the care needs for the elderly.

This is how Treasure Village was born, as an alternative for older people could have a full and independent life within a community designed specifically for them, where they will provide all the support they they need. Experts in the fields of gerontology, architecture, hospitality, nutrition and health of the best universities.

At Treasure Village we will not only be dedicated to building communities for older people, but a space that we ourselves would choose as the place to live, when we are older.

Franklin Gutierrez M.
Founder and President of Treasure Village


 Assisted Living, Care and Company
 Memory care.
 One and two bedroom apartments available.
 Kitchen, cupboards, 11 foot refrigerator and microwave.
 Granite countertops and stainless steel fixtures in bathroom and kitchenette
 TV included and closets.
 Bathroom with easy access shower and safety bars.
 Independent air conditioning in each apartment, in addition to Natural ventilation.
 Call system in case of emergencies in all departments with panic button for an unexpected emergency.


We are aware of how important it is for your family to take the right decision when choosing a care community for old people. We have Public Relations staff in our community that will gladly answer any questions or provide you with additional information about Treasure Village.

Professionals In The Care Of The Elderly

Working together to improve the lives of older people

At Treasure Village, we know how important it is to find community suitable for your patients and family members in need of professional help to carry out activities of daily living, Alzheimer’s care and temporary or permanent residence. We promise to cover these needs by providing timely, kind, loving support and all the needed information. We understand that all cases are unique and we will work with you through customized plans to ensure that the individual needs of each resident are fully met.

Healthcare professionals

As healthcare professionals, you can be sure that every detail of our community has been designed according to the highest standards of comfort, safety and support for our residents.

We will offer an industry-leading care program whose strength Main is a well trained staff. Our registered nurses are exclusive to Treasure Village, with shifts that cover 24 hours a day, which are in constant communication with doctors and receive their orders direct in order to provide the best care for our residents.

Our programs are developed under the guidance of industry experts and periodically evaluated to ensure that they continue to meet the highest quality standards or even exceed them.

We value the trust you place in us by recommending us, for so we are committed to meeting your expectations of care professional. In addition to care, we will offer you a wide range of services most requested by residents, such as nutritious food prepared by a professional chef, transportation, social activities and development opportunities.

You may already be contacting someone from our team and if so, we will We appreciate your support and trust. But if you haven’t had a chance yet discover what Treasure Village is, consider us your preferred supplier and partner.

We are very pleased towork with our health  professionals, residents and families together to demonstrate day by day that older people can live fully.

Treasure Village makes work easy:

 Facilitates managing changes in care needs. the range of services includes help to carry out daily activities, temporary residence and care.
 Facilitates communication between the team, since there are qualified nurses 24 hours a day to administer medications, update physicians in each resident’s state and receive instructions for the attention and care.
 Facilitates rehabilitation or recovery after a health problem. health through its therapy services.
 Facilitates admission to speed up the start of care.
 Facilitates assessment and monitoring of care needs. One of our doctors evaluate residents in the privacy of their home.
 Facilitates the performance of activities of daily living, with caregivers that we call Oakmonts, always attentive to the needs of the residents.
 Facilitates the scheduling of appointments and transfers, since there is transportation scheduled  for residents every day of the week.
 It facilitates the understanding of the all-inclusive price structure, since With the payment of a single fixed monthly fee, accommodation is covered, care, food and more.
 Builds trust, due to its impeccable reputation with professionals of health, its strong relationships with the best health care companies geriatric

Trust Professionals

As a professional fiduciary, you are responsible for protecting the interests financial and personal of its clients. This is a responsibility that often involves helping a person who can no longer live properly independently find the care alternatives you need. If your clients need Assisted Living care, Alzheimer’s care, or some temporary stay, we can help you. Every detail of Treasure Village is designed according to the highest standards of comfort, safety and support for our residents.

Our programs are developed under the guidance from industry experts and are regularly evaluated to ensure that continue to meet the highest quality or even exceed it.

It’s easy to recommend Treasure Village to your customers:

 It is easier to manage customer-related issues, such as our all-inclusive pricing structure, which covers accommodation, care, food and more in a single fixed monthly fee.

 It is easier to schedule doctor appointments and rides, as there are scheduled transportation for residents every day of the week.

 It is easier to organize finances and investments. The protection of right of occupation guarantees that the fee for the service of accommodation remains constant throughout the year.

 It is easier to manage changes in the needs of residents. The range of services includes help with carrying out activities daily, temporary residence and dementia care.

 Communication between the team is easier, since there are nurses licensed to administer medications, update physicians of the state of each resident and receive instructions for the attention and care.

 Easier rehabilitation and recovery after some health problem with therapy services.

 It is easier to assess and monitor care needs. A a registered nurse reviews her clients in the privacy of her home.

 Builds trust, due to its impeccable reputation with professionals of health and its strong relationships with the best healthcare companies geriatric

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